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Here for the gear
I have the N12 for years and also a brandnew UR816C(for external hardware connectioons), and I use both, the N12 for recordings mostly and it still sounds fantastic, to my ears just a bit better than the pre's from the UR816C.
ALl running just fine on latest W10 + Cubase 11.

Maybe a tip for users who have dropouts:
a few yeras back I bought a second videocard in my PC for a third screen. I bought a NVidia card and after that I had lots of Audio troubles. I swopped it for a chaep and simple Raedon card and everything went back to running smooth again.

And also this: Always fire up the N12 first before the PC. In the past I never had problems with turning on the N12 after the PC but since Windows10 this is the best and trouble-free way to run realtime audio with the N12.
When I do it the other way around I get dropouts. Maybe something to do with the wordclock in Windows.