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Kicking off 2021 with the completely updated and amended Audio Interface LLP Database with the new reference card of the RME HDSPe AIO Pro, that took that crown late last year.

I have amended each interface's comparative rating against the new reference, cleaned up a few typos and amended a few entries that had some minor errors regards ratings due to the original typos.

I have also introduced a Top 20 with the detailed results , but also provide the complete list in .pdf, which is a nicer presentation in higher rez. This should stop the result charts being periodically not displayed due to the original image size being too big for the forum layout.

Full graph is available as per normally displayed.

Full Database List : Here

Quick summary of the Hits & Misses

Hit and Home Run : RME have maintained their consistency displayed across all connectivity platforms, which has not been matched by any other manufacturer who rely on 3rd parties for some if not all their drivers. They also raised the bar with the AIO Pro becoming the new reference interface.

Hit and on Base : Thesycon have made some progress in the improvement of their 3rd party OEM solution that many companies rely on, hidden behind respective Window dressing. Still a few curves, but better overall.

Miss and Strike : MOTU's new driver across both TB and USB on Windows, which delivered similar performance based on what seems to be a universal platform across connectivity protocols, which doesn't makes sense at a technical level. RTL and delivered performance was almost on par, and the TB driver especially delivered below average performance compared to the other better performing TB units.

After all the reports of significant performance over USB and TB , I was surprised and disappointed that they had reverted back to the double buffering and high RTL that was present on the USB devices in the past, and applied it even to the TB driver ?

On to the next.