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Hello Cheu,

so here are my comments:

- yes Tower Mains are completely analog
- TM 80 has the same drive units as 20 and 30 MK2
- The waveguide is very similar to MK1 monitors. The 20 and 30 MK2 have a somewhat wider waveguide that improves the horizontal dispersion in the >10 kHz area.
- AMTs, including the full range AMT for the HEDDphones, are made from scratch in Berlin. Woofers and midrange are designed in house and made in China, the cone material that we consider to be decisive for the sound performance has been defined with a corresponding manufacturer.
- no driver has been changed for MK2 series, filtering including linear phase filtering now is done by DSP.
- Soundwise it matters that the HEDD Lineariser® is now on board, transients and three-dimensionality are audibly improved.