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Originally Posted by JonVAudio ➡️
Hi, I am the developer of this plugin, just made an account on gearslutz since bmanic let me know he posted it here Thanks for all the feedback so far.

For those having crashes on Cubase: Unfortunately I don't own Cubase, but this is useful feedback to know. What I can do, is send you a debug version which might give an error message / more info when it crashes, enabling me to work out what the problem is. If you'd like to do this, please send me an email at fircomp at jonvaudio dot com (replace at and dot). However this might not be until after xmas

For some more background info: This plugin was my lockdown project and the first plugin I have released. The idea was a compressor that can crush things with minimal distortion, transparent-ish behaviour, & low CPU, without having to think too hard while using it. I am currently working on a physically modelled unison string synth which I plan to release at the end of next year.
Welcome to Gearslutz and congratulations for this plugin!

I will email you and can't wait for you to develop more stuff (some saturation plugin with such an aliasing rejection and unaffected phase would be truly something).