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Old 21st December 2020
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Linearizer or Sonarworks

Hallo Klaus und Fred,
I've recently bought the Hedd Type 20 in Spain and I will have to wait till January or February to get them 😅. My question is about the Linearizer that now comes as DSP inside the monitor. I'm tracking and mixing, and I saw that there is latency with the DSP. I'm using Sonarworks and for sure I will continue to use it, is it better for me to still use it or do you recommend the Linearizer instead and why? Perhaps both at the same time and why? For tracking and monitoring obviously it isn't the best option since there is latency, and I can't reach the button everytime I have to switch behind the speakers because I would have to move my desk, is there an option to turn it off via software like it was with the mk1? Compared to the software Sonarworks, what does the Linearizer do better, I understood that they both flatten the frequency response, how does it calculate my room acoustics? Dankeschön for your time and I'll be looking forward to hear them in my January 😭.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,