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Originally Posted by BattleAngel ➡️
Did you end up buying it? Let us know how the story evolves! I've always lusted after this piece. As a producer who primarily engineers vocals (myself and others) and who has made do with (super useful and totally fine) UA gear for the past couple of years, I find myself back in the saddle looking for a great preamp/compressor combo unit. Would love to see how this turns out for you!

Also, this is my first post in 9 years! Nice to be back and posting on another 15 year vet's thread after an epic hiatus.
heh heh
I am on my way to evaluate the unit
I am taking my NPNG pre and an acoustic and bass with me
planing to record and compare to see how the pre and hi z input sound
then will pass some raw drum and acousticbass recording to test the compressor
will report