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Hi there,

to 1):
the MK2 BASS subs are general purpose subs that may be used with MK1 and other monitors. They are special as they have a linear phase filter (FIR) that causes a like 30 ms delay. If you connect the satellites (MK1, 2 or other brands) to the analog outputs of the woofer this delay is applied if you have chosen "Lineariser on". Signals will arrive on time with BASE 08 or 12 then.

to 2):

It is possible and advisable as chanel separation and Dynamics will be optimized.


Thanks for the response.

One further question then...

Running analog out routed through the sub to the first gen Type 20, with the sub's 30ms filter delay... is the current lineariser plugin going to provide proper phase correction for the Type 20 (and the system as a whole) in that scenario?