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I worked for years with a small yamaha mixer, recording my analog synths directly to 4 track quarter inch tape. Sounded awesome. I had some mxr Phase 90 pedal, an echoplex or a first generation MXR digital delay... made stunning sounds.
Now I record through API preamps, or my Avalon 737 sp with some compression and use mostly plugin delays or reverbs or Phase Mistress imitating my Mutron- BiPhase. Also sounds great. One of the coolest sounds I ever made was with my Mini Moog Model D, with a heavy bass, 3 oscillator sound running into a Marshall Amp and Speakers "set to stun" (mass overdrive) I recorded it with a Senheiser 421 close to the speaker and a Neuman U87 in the room.... NEVER heard a sound like that before. Synths are so versatile, even the old ones I like (Arp Odyssey, Solina String Ensemble, Mini Moog, MicroMoog, Pro-One) that its hard to get a bad sound if u have a strong relationship with the instrument!