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Monitoring in a less than perfect room

Hello! I recently purchased a set of your Type 07 monitors and quickly fell in love with them for a number of reasons. They have an undeniable clarity and presence as well as being a less fatiguing speaker for long sessions than I had been used to. Also that BASS!

My questions relate directly to my own situation and this is something I have seen discussed quite a lot here on Gearslutz. I would love to get the opinion of someone in the business of studio monitors.

First, when designing a speaker do you consider that your products could be used in less than perfect monitoring environments such as a rectangular bedroom with little or even no sound deading? Do you only build them with professional rooms in mind?

Second, do you consider it possible to outfit a bedroom to approach a more professional room without totally rebuilding the room, say using wall ornaments like sound deading and diffusion panels?

Thank you for your time!