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In 2010 I was invited to go to San Antonio for a couple of weeks and record 3 bands- Ill Propekt, Tangible Green and Education. I thought well, I have never been there and I couldn't imagine after London, Berlin, New York and Seattle -- that I'd have much of a musical or personal resonation with the area. I was so so wrong. The hills were crawling with incredible talented young musicians (Victoria Celestine, Verisimilitude and Hyperdrive Lightship come immediately to mind... and the first three bands I mentioned were also incredibly interesting and talented). I wound up installing a studio and lived/worked there for many months. I had a great time socially and recorded loads of amazing songs. Always good to have your expectations crushed in a positive way. The music I experienced there as well as the personal connections made-- stay with me to this day energetically. Incidentally-- at first I didnt have my main equipment there, and I was recording bands on gear that was unfamiliar to me and also that I was very much afraid of because it was super cheap and not so new (think old PC computers, free Reaper software, presonus cheap converters, and lots of sm57's!) I had a few good preamps and 2 good microphones and somehow the music-- rock music w drums guitars vocals bass and synthesizers.... sounded just fine. THAT was also an eye opening revelation.

I don't have too much to say about how I took that San Antonio vibration to other coastal cities or to Europe, other that I got some really cool T-shirts at La Cantera, and I still wear some of them... they served well. Oh, and I also bought a Fender Stratocaster that I took on tour in South America, and a Kustom re-issue guitar amp that really rocks.

I remember visiting Willie's studio and being awestruck by the tiled echo chamber! Im glad the Hammond stuff was useful, such a miraculous instrument! DRAWBARS and 2nd harmonic percussion forever!