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Old 1st December 2020
The influence of various cities' "souls" on your music over the last decade?

Greetings from central Texas, Mr. Raphael!

First of all, some gratitude: Nine or ten years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting you at Pedernales Studio, Willie's joint, just outside of Austin. I was recording woodwind and keyboard parts for the young Victoria Celestine's debut album (with my buddy Jacob Sciba engineering, who's won at least three Grammys since then!), and you were in the area scoping the scenes out, if I recall correctly. You helped show me how to get some extremely cool and unusual sounds out of Willie's Hammond B-3, and I've used those ideas a lot since then. Thanks very much for the tips all those years ago and I hope things have been fruitful and productive since then!

Now, my question. What was your takeaway from your time spent in the musical cultures of Austin and San Antonio? What parts, if any, have influenced your time in other scenes since then, in the coastal American cities as well as Europe? Have there been any other interesting or unusual cities whose musical influences stuck with you in meaningful creative ways?

I find that every city has a soul, of sorts, and that soul shows itself in a city's music scene in cool ways. I seem to remember hearing you say similar things a decade ago, so I'm curious what new insights you may have gained since then.

Absolutely no pressure to respond, I'm glad you're still at work making good sounds happen!