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To be honest, I think reissuing the U47 without the VF14 would be a bad look for Neumann. People would be saying the same things above, except it would be framed as “why would I spend $X more for the Neumann badge when I could just buy the same thing from [insert boutique brand] for less?” You can even replace a boutique clone capsule with an authentic Neumann one if you want.

There’s a shootout with a vintage U47 in the shootouts forum between an EF14 and a VF14. I hear a difference. I suspect the difference between that and an EF800 or an EF184 based clone is even bigger based on personal experience. Is it worth shelling out the extra $? For most people on here, probably not, but for Neumann to offer something uniquely valuable and not face a big backlash, I think they’ll have to go the extra mile.