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I had no idea that was somehow out in the public information... haha, and I really wonder if it was me who said it?? I didn't even remember what song it was. I devote a huge paragraph to this hilarious (in hindsight, but believe me I was sweating bullets at the time) interaction between Julian and I-- in a book I just wrote and am trying to get published right now.

But,,, since you asked:
Julian was not happy with the hi-hat sound on a certain section of that song, which was already tracked and we had moved on. Normally I could adjust some eq, add or subtract texture, so it was no big deal. UNTIL, I had tried every plug in, and had moved onto trying all the hardware processing units at TMF studio. 30 minutes into the deal, and it was getting frustrating for me, and possibly amusing or frustrating for J. Casablancas. If I asked him what he didnt like about it, or what was wrong with the hi hat sound, he would simply say, "I don't know, its just not right".

An hour into me frantically trying every idea and piece of gear I could think of (and believe me I have LOTS of ideas), we were still no closer and I flet pressured and tired and, Julian noted that I was getting ANGRY. In one of the best quotes I ever heard from him.... he was sitting behind me and so he could not see my facial expressions when he came out with. "Gordon, I can feel your fist flying back behind you and punching me in the face". I certainly didnt want to do that but he must have felt something!

For no reason except necessity and exasperation, I made one last idea. "Hey Fab, go in there and hit one crash cymbal ONE time... ok?". And Fab did so, and I recorded it. Everyone was looking at me as I opened "Sound Replacer" which used to be part of Pro Tools AudioSuite. (I think it still might be, but you have to purchase it separately... yikes) In a few desperate mouse-clicks I made it so that every time a f***ing hi hat was hit on that section, one would hear a crash cymbal highly truncated. Why would that even be an idea? And why did it work perfectly enough for Julian to say "yeah, thats it". I cannot tell you.