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Old 14th November 2020
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I'm a part of a few social groups on social media that are for female sound engineers and there are occasional posts about it but I think it is getting better over the decades, there are obviously way more groups started by women that support each other and get shiit done. It will only get better and stronger as far as I can see. Personally I live in a country/city where opportunities are few and far between so that is my biggest hurdle. Anything I do is typically voluntary or results in very little. Tho I've been requested for live sound jobs then I show up and told by men (friends of the organizer that was trying to be inclusive) that they've got it covered. Also jerked around on jobs but I can't really say that was strictly sexism, just jerkism. But it is like anything, some people are awesome and some people are not as awesome. You do what you can and you try to network with the better people. Also being extremely introverted doesn't help but that is a personal thing that isn't really relevant to the topic. xD