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That's a shame. I took the course years ago.

I took the course back in 2009-2010, and they pretty much delivered what they promised. I got lucky with the studio owner I was placed with - I stayed assisting him part time for over 5 years, and we are still friends.

Of course, this was before they started making implausible claims about job placement. When they started doing that, they certainly entered scam territory, at least.

As it was configured originally, it delivered a good product, provided the student was persistent if needed to get into a studio that would work for them. It should have been very lucrative, as they charged $7,500, and their only expenses were some printed training materials and whatever they paid the studios who took on the students. Compared to Full Sail, NYU/Tisch, et al., it was a cheaper way in that would get you most of what the others provided. In my case it provided lots more.