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Here for the gear
Lexicon delay 1300s Digital audio delay

real difference between this unit and a PCM 42 is that it can't perform multiple repeats. So the Andy Wallace trick can be performed with a 1300s with the same result. For those not in the know the Andy Wallace trick is a way of thickening up guitar sounds. You can get massive guitar sounds by delaying the signal, overdriving the the unit and compressing with the built in compressor -

"Actually a lot of the grain comes from the built in overload compressor in the PCM42.The harder you drive it the more it bites down.That's one way to get those biting AW electric guitar sounds. If you put in on insert on one side of an electric guitar pair with almost no delay and you turn up the input but turn down the output you get this ridiculous big in your face guitar sound. Same goes on a lead vocal." Andy Wallace
Did Someone try this!?