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Originally Posted by MaartenWLierop ➡️

with a brand new MacBook on my hands, I finally have bought a Steinberg UR44C as replacement for my N12. I still have to decide wether I will totally abandon my N12 (feels painful) or use the UR44C as an interface between N12 and my MacBook. It will arrive tomorrow, and I'm wondering a few things:

1) can de DAW control section be used on new macOS Catalina? with the hardware MIDI cables maybe? in other words: Could it work without the 32bit driver?

2) how do the pre-amps of the N12 (older) compare to the (cheaper?) pre-amps of the UR44c? Does anyone know?

thanks (btw: never experienced any kernel panics on my MacBook 2014)
I went through this last year, although I was already using the UR44 as a sort of mobile unit. I had upgraded to a new PC and bought the same brand firewire card (just PCIe instead of PCI) and could not get it to work without major problems so I'm not running my n12 now....very unfortunate.

The preamps in the UR44 were born out of the N Series....I do not know if they share the exact same circuitry but they sound very close to me. What is different is the DAC, and the n12 has a better DAC to my ears....which is of course subjective. The n12 DAC has a dynamic range of 114db, and I believe the UR44 is around 105db. Of course there is more to it than just dynamic range but I clearly recall a difference in sound. Not a huge difference but it was there. But the UR44 is a fine interface, especially for the price.

Sorry, can't help with any MAC questions, but you will for sure miss the n12. Absolute awesome piece of gear.