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Originally Posted by E-Irizarry ➡️
I hate to be the bad bearer of news here, but the dbx 286s is actually slightly better than the Neutron 2/3 Advanced Noise Gate module. N2 Adv's noise Gate module is great but the hardware processor of dbx 286s nails it coldly!!
I just add the N2 Adv Gate for Post-processing after the 286s of course for a superbly-tight Auto-Black space in the track without overgating all three frequency bands.

For EQing, I stick with Tokyo Dawn Records Nova, TBProAudio's DSEQ, Izotopes Ozone 8/9 Dynamics (very very very underestimated module/plugin) with 8/9 Vintage Tape (hit the Bias negatively hard!!!) Soundtheory's Gullfoss, and DDMF IIEPro EQ.
Aren't you totally missing the point of the question that was asked?
Telling someone that a hardware unit is better than a software solution is not really helpful to someone who might be working in the box. Furthermore, he wanted to know if Neutron 3 EQ is comparable with Pro Q3.