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Originally Posted by Klaus ➡️
As I have posted many times in the past: Neumann does not cross-reference serial numbers and manufacturing dates, but serial numbers and delivery dates (to the respective distributor). Even in-house, that fact is no longer made clear by the personell that answers inquiries.

If you want to zoom in on the manufacturing date of any U87/A, you need to find the date codes of components, like capsule, electrolytic capacitors, etc. Or study circuit revisions, plastic color/materials used, layout of components, printing styles, etc. etc.

Without that information, my estimate: your mic was built in the late 1990s.
Thank you Mr. Klaus. Your information is enough for me at the moment. I really like how this mic sounds(big, lush, meaty..). I don't want to remove grill and look at the capsule, because there is still original Neumann stamp over one of the screws. It seems it was never opened and looks it is in all original, factory condition. So, again, thank you for your answer.