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Originally Posted by chessparov2.0 ➡️
I wasn't aware of that model at all. A few years ago, I was torn between getting the new Soundelux U195, and the MG930.

Thought that the U195 slighty edged the 930, on my voice. Guessing NAMM will be back in 2022.
The flatter response MG 1030 (vs. 930), would be interesting to check out then.
Thanks, Chris

The 1030 is basically a 930 with a less cramped headbasket. And this makes more difference than some might expect.
To my ears the 1030 sounds big, open, real and relaxed, without any "metallicness" or nasality. Not saying the latter attributes are typical of the 930 BTW.
As always, graphs don't paint the whole picture or tell the whole story.


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