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Originally Posted by ejinbc ➡️

Thankyou so much for sharing this data.

I have had many discussions over the years on the utility of PassMark for DAW specification. Finally decided to make the plot myself. Looks like PassMark is useful - but not everything (perhaps close enough though). My guess is the deviation is due to differences in single core performance.


Plots Corrected

I have corrected the plots - apologies for the error.

I have also annotated the plot with a couple processors that fall off the line.

Everything makes sense. Clearly the DAW Bench is an important metric for judging an upgrade. The PassMark can also be used with the caveats that single core performance, cache and chipset also contribute.

Thank you for all your work. All this benchmarking is critical to understanding how much improvement any given upgrade will yield - given that any computer I have ever wanted (to build) is going to cost ~$2000 (a used Les Paul).

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