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Soundcraft Delta 200 Mixer Mod/Fix

This is a crucial set of mods or fixes for the Soundcraft Delta 200:

- Restoring proper gain staging or levels for the Master Mix module.

- Using proper capacitors well in the circuit.

Prior to the mods, restoration on this particularly well-kept unit meant re-soldering one malfunctioning Group's sockets. Fixed it and then everything worked.

Jim Williams from Audio Upgrades was instrumental in me getting there. He clearly knows his stuff, has many, many years of experience upgrading gear and designing and engineering his own for better SQ - neutrality, transparency, speed, bandwidth, etc...

Over the years, all his clients have been super positive about his mods. Send him your gear.

Why this was important:

This mixer clearly has a design flaw that Jim knew about. This could explain a few things.

Firstly, it looks like SC wanted to memory-hole that particular mixer as the schematics, even the model itself can't be found directly from their website, so it's impossible to find the schematics. Some mentioned the Delta DLX has the same schematics but I found differences, e.g. TL072 instead of 5532 in a section of the Master Module RH PCB.

Secondly, I had noticed that on my amp, I needed to bump up the volume by a good 10-15db to get a similar level to other gear (TV, Computer Audio, etc...)

Now since all the AUX matrix also depends on that gain staging on the Main Mixing module, any effects on the AUX wasn't being heard at a proper level, i.e. wasn't playing at a level where we could really appreciate what a Send to the effects processor was doing. In other words, we weren't hearing the effects processor properly.

These fixes greatly improved the project studio setup, especially since there's a plan to open up various AUXes with effects processor chains for more sonic explorations (@ Italo de angelis knows what it's about ).

Result: SQ is greatly improved by both fixes, now we hear all our gear better, we also hear the Effects Send & Return in the Mix better.

In the pics:

1. Master Mix fixed

2. Temporary Re-Mount of the last Group Module and the Master module for testing. Now you know why most of my gear isn't even screwed shut.

Testing proved a smashing success.

There is more that can be done on the Master Mix, but I'll wait till I am more confident in the changes, one in particular, before doing them.

I am greatly indebted to Jim who has shared a lot of his knowledge and fixes or optimisations over the years. He doesn't have to, but out of pure generosity, he does.

More on what fixing the Studio effects processor entailed later.

Thank Jim.
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