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Originally Posted by ToyBox ➡️
Any idea when these are going to be available?

I don't usually do early adoption but this seems like a perfect fit so I don't want to wait. It's mostly Keystep so there can't be too many bugs or hardware issues anyway, if any.


Completely unrelated, but I could see Arturia do a generative music dedicated controller/sequencer, call it "FreakStep" or something. They already have integrated elements of those concepts into their synths and controllers, so going further in doesn't seem like a stretch.

Anyway, just a thought.
I just tonight have my keystep pro sequencing Microfreak then it passes through two earthquaker device pedals, afterneath, and transmisser, then a cheap drive pedal, all while ksp has hydrasynth on a track, Waldorf Nave my old iPad 2, and tardigrain on an old iPhone 5s.
That’s my freakstep

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