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Originally Posted by IM WHO YOU THINK ➡️
. I think it's nostalgia making me want one.
I noticed its for a lot of people.

I just had a conversation with one of my old clients going on and on about my old SSL and how me misses it. And then he asked me and I told him straight out no which caught him off guard and surprised him. When asked why? I told him straight out a console is great when its someone else that has to maintain it and pay the bills for it. Same goes for owning a sound motel with big speakers and all the outboard. But when its all on your shoulders, the nostalgia goes away fast.

But i guess that's for a lot of things.

The way i eliminated the need for analog gear on the 2 buss period, is years ago i stopped using it all together and just challenged myself to make mixes that don't rely on it. Its actually quite liberating working that way. Its actually possible and to me you can hear the front to back depth better. But that's me.

These days i basically kept a couple of mic pres,comps and Eq's for tracking and on the mixing side, whatever i use on a vocal or anything in the center(Lead vox,bass,kick,snare,sax,lead gtr) mixing wise ITB, i copied the same channels OTB. Also when needed some OTB rev/ effects to supplement some ITB reverbs.