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Originally Posted by thethrillfactor ➡️
Well 14 years is 14 years.

If you compare it to lets say 1992, then 2006 is a very stark difference to how records were made in 1992.

Producing is always where the adventurous creation has happened. It was nicer in the old days when multiple people were involved and not just one person trying to do everything. Its also why what you heard on the radio had a certain magic to it.

I feel the only reason to have a console these days is for tracking multiple people at once. Don't know if an X desk would be my choice these days, but i haven't had a real need to keep up to what's out there these days.
I don't really have a need for a desk. I think it's nostalgia making me want one. I still want a few more pieces of gear for tracking, but I can honestly get by without most of them too. The only issue there is I have to know that things won't sound like what I'm hearing in my head from just bringing the faders up. I can use mults/parallel comp and saturation in the mix, but the chains in my template would be a latency nightmare for tracking.

I still haven't found a way to eliminate hardware on 2 bus. My NTI EQ3 sounds better than the plugin on two bus for me. I'd like to see someone make a faithful Dramastic Obscidian plug so I won't have to order one to test for 2 bus jummp. Outside of wanting to try going back to HW bus comp, I don't "need" anything.

I get tempted to get a pair of 1073s at times, but I like the vocals I get using Amek CIBs for pre.