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Originally Posted by Calagan ➡️
Hello everybody.

It's been few days I posted the blind test, and so far I had (only) 10 answers.
8 persons think B is oversampled
2 persons think A is oversampled.

The last week, around 15 different persons posted something regarding aliasing in SPL Iron, so it seems there is more posters than blindtesters...

I hope nobody will accuse me of biased interpretation, but it seems most of answers didn't show any "wow" factor regarding difference in audio quality : some blindtesters didn't find much difference between files, and some of them can't say one is better than the other but just find them different.

Anyway, it looks like most blindtesters did guess (by hearing or analytic tests) correctly because B is indeed the oversampled drum loop.

Personnaly, I think differences are very tiny (but still audible). I prefer the B version because it's a bit more clean, less congested in the mids/hi-mids, and less "badly squashed" in terms of dynamics (is it "goodly squashed" ? yes, a bit more IMO), but the A loop is still ok and to me it just sounds a bit "dirtier".

My own personal conclusion (open to endless debate) : there is definitely more aliasing in Iron than in other compressors (from PA and from other developers), and it seems there's a problem there when compared to Alpha or others, but it's not a big deal when using it "normally".
Yes there's a problem in the coding (because it seems very easy to solve that problem in others compressors from PA), but it doesn't make of Iron a bad plugin.
This blind test was about squashing a drum loop with 3 compressors in serie, and I would never do that in normal life. Or if I did, I wouldn't mind about dirty result.
I don't think any of you did find the A "badly sounding". Most of you did find the B "better sounding" than A, which means something very different.

So of course, if I put one instance of Iron on each track, and if I smash each track (lot of GR, quick parameters) while running the mix at 44kHz, aliasing would accumulate and make it a bad mix. But anyway, smashing each track would make it a bad mix even @ 352 kHz...
So I would be pleased if PA could improve the oversampling, and if they could stop to tell us there is no problem, but it's not such a big deal in my opinion...
Cool idea for a test, but you didn't compare it to any other plugin under the same circumstances so there's no way of scientifically knowing if what you all think you're hearing here is unique to Iron or just a problem with any vst compressor using similar parameters.