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Originally Posted by blissful_mclean ➡️
Sorry for not being more specific!

My idea is to record ambiences for use in ambient music.

I'm interested in processing the sounds in various ways, for instance in my eurorack system using Make Noise Morphagene (a microsound module), and perhaps also using a resonator, or something, to add harmonic content to it. I'm also using Ableton Live.

The Spirit mic would indeed not be centered in the Blimp. Is there another other wind protection device that you would recommend for the Spirit mic?

Or do you have any recommendations for stereo mics?

I have so far only thought about a MixPre 3 and a USB-C power bank. I guess I would need some kind of mic stand as well?

mic stands are overrated if you own an integrated one. ortf on the cheap.