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Originally Posted by LDStudios ➡️
The bigger question I have is why you need to have both mix and midi control within a single piece of hardware? There is ZERO contest between Eucon and Digidesign Ethernet/Midi in terms of mix control. Eucon dispenses with the horribly archaic knob-per-function approach of those dated protocols and replaces it with a much lower level macro control. The result from my experience, when you dig in, is a protocol that is 100 times quicker... even on smaller surfaces like the S1 or Dock that are missing custom faders.

Get your hands on the Avid Control IOS/Andriod application if you can, and have a mess around with the soft key/pages/surface macros within EuControl. It's nowhere near as tactile as an S1 or Dock (I love my Dock!), but it is free to use. As an example, it is possible to program a single button in Eucon to enable preview, engage touch automation on the selected track, select write to selection, hide all tracks except selected within Pro Tools, enable volume automation lane, zoom session horizontally to selection and increase track height to fit the screen...

Then there are VCA spills, folder track toggles, attention functionality, layouts. I would love custom faders on an S1, but really... in the context of what Eucon does overall, a command 8 or D-command/D-control saves 3 button presses at the expense of keeping 100 more in the workflow. It's quite a false economy. That is precisely why there isn't a dedicated EQ/Dyn section on an S6, and why plugin mappings conform to a standard.
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I'm shure you're right.
Depends on what you want I guess.
I'm just sayin' I'm happy with myC8, and I can use iPad sidecar with it, but I love the idea of having complete control, like in the old days. And I'd like to customize my keybord controllers to suit f.ex my newly aquired CMI vintage synth. So ControllerMate looks tantalizing.

The OP's final question was after all about MIDI learn.