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Originally Posted by Sndnerd ➡️
Right, just saying it comes with an ITU preset that has the trim set at -3, on top of the internal -3 setting. In order to get -3 you need to make sure the trim is set at 0. Or at least that's my understanding from this.
The ITU preset in Avid Downmixer shows center at -3 dB but the result is a -3dB per L and R.

The ITU preset of Spanner shows center at 0 dB change with a result of -3dB per L and R.

If you use the presets for both of these plugins and do not change anything, you will get the right result. It is always -3dB for Center as found in Left and Right, -3dB for Ls and Rs in the respective L and R channels, and LFE muted.

As I linked earlier, Netflix is fine with adding LFE in at a low level for their stereo fold down (so not the official ITU fold down)