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Old 29th July 2020
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Just out of curiosity I did a test exporting the same pretty complex 5 minute segment of one of my last features using the Avid Downmixer, the Nugen Halo Downmixer and Spanner. They were all each set to their 'Stereo ITU' presets.

The loudness readings for all of them ended up being exactly identical, down to the decimal point (tested using both the Pro Loudness Analyzer and the Dolby Media Meter).

Then just for fun I did a null test between the three (inverting the phase). For most of the sections the Avid Downmixer and the Halo Downmixer phase cancelled entirely. When I tested either one against Spanner the signal was almost entirely gone, but I could very very faintly hear SOME signal. The one section of my export that didn't phase cancel exactly between any of them was one section that was extremely drenched in surround reverb, but that might be due to how the reverb plugins process and generate their signals (the reverb was live running through the plugin, not pre-printed)

In any case the loudness measurements between all three were identical, using their standard ITU downmix settings. So I'd choose whichever one has the best layout or interface for you, or based on how complex you want to tweak your parameters and settings etc. But they should all do the job they need to do just fine functionally.