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Originally Posted by pentagon ➡️
How can Spanner “consistently makes lower loudness”?
It is what you set it. User responsibility —- there’s no magic to it. It’s a channel/level router/mixer with a great UI which helps with setting up automation.

Halo Downmix is an algorithmic approach. Spanner is routing made easier (as in you could set that all up with auxes but this does it as one insert.)
I hear ya! That’s what I thought too! Try it for yourself. I took a 5.1 print master ran it through spanner. L & R at unity. Center down 3. Ls and Rs down 3. Just like you should. Resulting stereo consistently 2-3 dB lower when I compared it to the 5.1 trough VisLm. I mean, please, tell me where I messed up. I’d prefer to be wrong in this case! If I have a chance post post a screenshot tomorrow.