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Originally Posted by Deleted 017a497 ➡️
ASIO Bridge by VB Audio can be quite handy.
Thanks for the suggestion!

ASIO Bridge seems to do what I need.

I had my UR824 set to 96 KHz samples, 1024 sample buffer.
I had ASIO bridge set to 6 channel 96 kHz 24bit input and 2 channel 96 kHz 24bit output (UR824 has 8 inputs but windows limits WDM recording to 2).
Setting it as the default windows device, it works fine with:
Netflix App (5.1, 640 kbps compressed)
Youtube (Stereo)
Spotify (Stereo)
iTunes (Stereo, 44.1K)
Sound Cloud (Stereo)
Windows CP>Sound>Hi-Fi Cable Input>Configure>Speaker Test (5.1)
Should work with 7.1 as well if I had the speakers setup and a source to play.

The GUI shows you levels on all input and output channels so you can tell what you've got coming through (e.g. stereo vs 5.1).

ASIO Bridge does not do sample rate conversion. I believe it needs to be set to match your audio interface settings in Windows control panel. Windows handles sample rate/bit depth/channel fold down of WDM inputs to match the settings of the ASIO Bridge (afaik).

As far as interaction with Pro Tools:

There is a switch in ASIO Bridge to turn "ASIO ON" and "ASIO OFF".
With ASIO OFF set (even with ASIO Bridge application running), you can start protools and play sessions.
With protools not running you can turn ASIO ON and it will send audio from its inputs to the ASIO driver.

If you happen to start Protools while ASIO Bridge has ASIO ON. Protools will not see the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver (it is in use) and it will switch the playback engine to the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver (which did not work as setup for Protools). If can leave Protools running, got to ASIO Bridge and turn ASIO OFF, and then you can set the Protools Playback Engine to Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver and continue.

If you are running protools and you set ASIO Bridge ASIO ON, it doesn't affect protools, but ASIO Bridge will say that the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO (Stopped) - like when you set ASIO OFF (even though it says ASIO ON). If you stop protools, and set ASIO OFF and ASIO ON, ASIO bridge resumes playing to the ASIO driver.

No reboot, no close Pro Tools, no close ASIO Bridge. ASIO Bridge also has an option on its panel to put it in the system tray (start on Boot up). So really the only thing to remember is to ASIO OFF before starting protools and to ASIO ON after stopping protools.

So what you gain with ASIO bridge is being able to play multi-channel on a UR824 from Windows applications.

What you loose with ASIO Bridge over the Steinberg WDM is that the Steinberg WDM lets the WDM audio play stereo through to the ASIO driver and you get the "merge" of Protools and WDM audio to your monitors. This may or may not be what you want. In my case, it was usually a don't care (at least after I set my system sounds level down a bit on the Windows mixer), but I did use it with a loop back cable to record reference audio material from a CD into a protools track.

I'd say VB Audio's documentation is a bit 'sparse' but the program is relatively straight forward - it clues you into needing to reboot after installation or certain configuration changes. It has uninstall support and seems to uninstall cleanly. Also seemingly well behaved (once you figure out how to use the minimal GUI which is mostly obvious - just click on what you can it you'll find out what it does through there's not that many controls).

I like that it doesn't behave the way JRiver's WDM seems to (assuming there is no way to configure around this) in that JRiver would quiesce its audio path when nothing was playing and it took a few seconds to reopen when audio did start (often missing things like 'beeps' from applications or the beginnings of songs in streamed audio from streamers that don't add some 'air' when starting up).