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The RODECaster Pro is high on my list, probably #1 because it's purpose-built for podcasters. Four mic pre's, four headphone outputs for guests, long-throw faders, cue/FX pads, Aphex vocal processing in DSP, built-in SD recorder and class-compliant 12x2 USB interface for tracking to DAW.

I'll also nominate Audio Hijack by Rogue Amoeba. This modular audio routing app enables building signal chains with AU plugs, and includes a built-in direct-to-streaming module.

RODECaster Pro + 13" Macbook Pro running Audio Hijack is a brilliant mobile streaming broadcast studio.

One more component - any of the pro-level boom-mic stereo headsets, e.g. from Audio Technica or AKG. One headset per person is a clean setup with acceptable audio quality for streaming.