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For the first time, I have to disagree with a good chunk of this list. The Zoom H recorders, including the H6, just aren't good. They produce a lot of self noise at just 50% on the gain dial.

The reflection filter isn't going to do much either. They cover the least sensitive part of a cardioid condenser mic.

Also the Lewitt DGT650 is a waste of money. $570 for a USB mic is crazy. It's a little on the thin side but also quite boxy sounding. I seriously thinking a CAD M179 is a better investment and a better mic, at it's almost a third of the price. Or just get a used C414 XLS and Behringer UMC404HD or UMC1820. It'll be a much better sound (the CAD is actually pretty close though). Lewitt's real mics are great too, just don't fall for "pro USB mic" nonsense. The thing sounds like a low end condenser (and not the good bang for your buck ones) with a mid level price tag. There are plenty of good electret mics, I like the Vintage CAD E-100 and E-200, and I like the iSK Pearl a lot. The only decent sound voice sample is the spoken word sample on Lewitt's site for the DGT650, but it still has a kind of boxy sound and something unnatural in the high end (a lot of the instrument samples remind me of things recorded on ultra cheap electrets using Transound capsules). I even like the LCT240 Pro more and that's Lewitt's lowest end LDC. I can genuinely say their mic I like most is the mid tier LCT 440 and LCT 441, but I think those are only about as good as the $200 CAD M179.

And if you don't already have decent interface and pre you're not gonna be able to effectively use an SM7B.

Also barrel adapter pre and converter combos like the iRig are not even a substitute for a Behringer UMC204.

A legitimate quality set up can be done for what the DGT650 costs, and it'll be way better.