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Originally Posted by boombapdame ➡️
I @ theblue1 have never been fond of the sappiness of pure love songs for the reasons you stated. Who were/are the worst offenders of such?

I also am a sucker for the story of a love, and I absolutely love ballads like this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXr5RG3IvNY
I'll offer -- to me, one of the treacliest, most annoying songs I've ever heard -- this...


(I'll admit, if I dispassionately analyze the lyric, it's a kind of song of romantic struggle, and it has some vivid descriptive elements. But, damn, it really makes me nuts. Not in a good way.)

[To the old GF who gave me a copy of that single for Val Day a million years ago, let me just apologize for laughing out loud. We just didn't hear the song the same way. I am sorry.]