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CV modulation ideas for project

I'm currently working on a set of user coded oscillators for Prologue. The oscillators were ported from Mutable Instruments Plaits codebase. The project implements a permutable modulation matrix with sources and modulation modifiers with a variety of pre-configured 'matrices'.

So, I'm looking for examples of simple CV* style modifiers to modulate existing CV modifiers or sources. The osc models have 4 inputs to concurrently modulate, and only a few controls to elaborate on only 1 or 2 variables per modulation type. So I can have 2 dynamic modulations sources, and up to 3 modifiers to distribute over 3-4 outputs.

My modulation sources are typical:
AD/AR envelopes
LFO - tri, sqr, saw, S+H (random input)

This is the short list I have to implement a set of modulation modifiers:
Track - Intensity
Lag - Rate
Fold - level
Clip - level
S+H - Rate
Noise - Intensity
Jitter - Intensity
Interpolator - Smoothing

Each modifier has only one control. So, track get an intensity, but Lag gets a rate, and so on. I have twelve primary slots, but I can fit secondaries in lots of places too. So 24 would get me where I want to be. I'm ridiculously tight on control inputs so I can't directly use ideas with more controls now.

Other related ideas would be cool - but this is what I'm focused on ATM.


*-clearly I'm not doing CV, but modular modulation is the most fertile ground for new ideas. I've used what I found on my Matrix 6, and a couple of guesses at something useful.

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