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Originally Posted by Thudinthenight ➡️
I've been jonesing for a microfreak but I have no idea why. I have a bunch of softsynths and a Wavestate and do primarily cinematic style, not EDM or ambient which the micro freak seems aimed at.... so why do I want one? It's the one synth I spend the most time messing with in the store every time I go in. Expressive pads despite only 2 octaves. There's just something about it.... and it would pair nicely with my NTS-1 for effects.
The MicroFreak is a weird, fun little synth that does a lot of cool things. The keyboard annoyed me at first, but you can do some interesting things with it when you get the hang of it and stop trying to play it like a regular keyboard. (You can always use another keyboard to play it when you just want a regular keyboard.)

I especially like the arpeggiator and sequencer. You can use the spice and dice feature to randomize the arpeggiator in a controlled way, and if you find something you like, you can capture it as a sequence, which gets saved with the patch.

And yes, the NTS-1 is a great companion for it when using it by itself. In the studio I typically just use effects in my DAW, but when I take the MicroFreak with me just to play around with it and make sounds, the NTS-1 is nice to have. There are some great third party oscillators and effects, and it supports most of the ones made for the Prologue and Minilogue XD as well. Also, a recent NTS-1 firmware update finally added a setting to disable the auto power off feature that was driving everyone nuts, so now I can definitely recommend it.