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It sounds like what you're looking for is something like the control link function in studio one, but in PT. Unfortunately you won't find that in PT.

The closest to that is Command 8, C24, Dcommand, Icon. Because they had custom plugin mappings. Best bang for the buck is a C8.

To your point number 3, the way that eucontrol works is all proprietary. You can control plugins, but you cannot make custom assignments- meaning that plugins that have many parameters spill over many pages. On an artist mix, you can control only 8 parameters at a time and then page through. On an S3 only 16 at a time. Some people still find this useful, I don't.

Yes, avid is trying to make you buy a eucontrol surface. And with the lack of custom mapping, it likely won't work that well for you anyway.

Originally Posted by snowplaysmusic ➡️
How can I perform more automation when many plugins don't offer MIDI learn?
Switch to Stuido One, or Ableton. S1's implementation is awesome IMO, you can custom map anything in the daw to any number of controllers. You can map on a per song basis, or you can map across all songs- Also all of it gets handled on the 10 bit res engine as opposed to the midi CC 7 bit engine. Your midi knobs are still 7 bit, but editing is 10, and any MCU/HUI devices etc are also 10 bit.