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Originally Posted by Nino.Lacroix ➡️
I do use Acus and AER acoustic amps but this is not why i opened this thread im a musician i spend sometimes about 10 hours guitar practicing so i really have not much knowledge about pro audio gear thats the reason wgy im asking here
I was not sure about the u87ai if there is a huge deference between KMS 105 and u87 for Studio situation if not so need to spend 2000€ for this
Im very happy with my KMS105 on the Stage that’s why i wanted to try the u87ai so i wanted to stay with Neumann
Okay.. so live, you are playing acoustic guitar with a pickup and an amp, and a KMS105 on vocals.

The KMS105 and U87 sound very similar on-axis. There are a lot of tricks you can play with the U87 that won't work with the KMS105. But the KMS105 is actually a remarkably good studio microphone.

If I were you, looking for something for the studio, I would look at getting a more flat, less forward sounding microphone for the guitar and keeping the KMS105 for the vocal for the time being. I don't think the U87 will be a huge improvement on the vocal and you are still needing some way to record your guitar.