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Old 26th May 2020
What is the state of MIDI controllers in Pro Tools?

Pretty sucky?

1. Many plugins do not have MIDI Learn capabilities but DO offer parameter automation. Is there a way to assign a MIDI controller to control the parameter or automation lane? (Guessing no) (if not why the hell not?)

2. Can I use a MIDI controller to control track faders, pans, mutes, etc.? (Guessing no) (if not why the hell not?)

3. If no to the above, how does a $1200 S1 surface control perform on MIDI?

4. If the S1 sucks at MIDI are we stuck finding some keyboard that implements HUI, Command8 or the other modes set in the Peripherals tab of the settings menu? How would this help us?

I often want to use my MIDI keyboard as a control surface -- is Avid trying to lock us into expensive proprietary EUCON surfaces instead? I often use real time mechanics to automate performance data (it's more creative than a click and a mouse). How can I perform more automation when many plugins don't offer MIDI learn?