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I was meaning there is a distinct, purposeful, separate staccato high-frequency sound, as in not associated with the snare or shaker or anything else. It happens rhythmically, not quite randomly, but it really excites my eardrum in ways that few high-frequency sounds could.

I first noticed this high-frequency sound when I was at the Barefoot Sound factory in Portland Oregon listening to a set of their MiniMain12's. Once you hear it, it is difficult to unhear it. I found the stems to "Into You" online, will analyze them next week once the studio reopens.
Yes I realise you were talking about something else, and I agree. I was just using it as a jumping point to answer your other post as it is somewhat related. Short tight sounds add energy but don't take up much place in the mix. So the principle can be used for extra percussive elements but it is also useful to choose short tight sounds for the main percussion, like the snare, so that it can be mixed quite loud without stepping too much on other elements.