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Originally Posted by Classic ➡️
I produced/mixed this track, doing my best to get close to his approach. The main thing I notice for both his country and pop mixes is the snare is always crisp and on top of the vocal, and the vocal sits effortlessly behind it, always perfect. It’s such an attitude, instant stankface.
You did good work, especially in the verses.

Yes, Serban always manage to move the kick, snare and bass in front of the lead vocals without clouding them - magic ears, magic hands.
The toms are way back in the mix without sounding wimpy.

And listen to the control he has over the low-end - in the pocket.

And his choruses never collapse, it's an arrangement thing as well of course, but you can hear how he has sorted everything to fit like a glove.

Even though is sounds like he low-cuts the lead vocals quite a bit, I'm not so sure he does. Crank the volume and listen to the Thomas Rhett track and you get the feeling of a low-end component in the vocals, especially in the choruses.

It's a nice track but not one of his best work. I think the guitars could have sounded a little bit more fresh and open, without poking the mix. On the other hand, they sound good as they are. :-D
He manage to control the electric guitars very well, taking away most of the "I'm the guitarist"-twang and making them into pop-elements - definitely his signature sound.

The upper mid-range and treble boost, my guess that's been added in the mastering, because it doesn't quite sound like Serban would mix like that.

Listen to the three choruses back to back, much to be learnt in terms of arrangement and mixing. And listen to the drum fill into the third chorus, it's way back in the mix, enhancing the groove and feeling of getting into the third chorus without raising the volume. Then bam, third chorus!

Just my two cents