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Originally Posted by vicenzajay ➡️
Yah - not much about crashes for MAC's the Windows stuff that continues to be problematic. They're two different animals for MB, and that divergence is represented in the coverage of v6 to this point.

I'm sticking with V5 - the forum may not be the best "spot" to gauge stability, but I tend to have bad "luck" in this regard. If something can go wrong, it will - and right now MB (the version 5 set of the two programs) is reasonably stable for me. There a several folks facing baffling functional and stability issues after upgrading - not interested in that loss of time at all.
I hear you man. It's been frustrating even on Mac at times. The enterprise is a noble one, but I wish they could get it to a place of Logic/Reaper type stability for us all. The complexity of that task is beyond me however...