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Originally Posted by BenLoftis ➡️
@ vicenzajay , @ JSchlomo :

Mixbus v6 had a very long "beta" period with a lot of contributors. It's very solid.

Our forum can be misleading in this regard. It is a support forum representing thousands of people in on 3 different operating systems and from dozens of countries; it is unmoderated; and the conversations there are persistent "forever" (unlike our bug-database which gets items removed when they are resolved)

A huge software program like Mixbus will of course have some bugs, but we're very open about the development process since we share it with the Ardour open source community ... there's nowhere to hide!

Thanks for your continuing support! We are doing something very unusual with Mixbus and it's been a wild ride. Can you believe it's been 10 years since we first launched v1 on Gearslutz?

I'm still amazed bout the hard work and dedication you put in and again can't praise your exceptional support enough.
V5 is rock solid on my system and a joy to use, v6 presents some fundamental issues about which I already got in touch with you, so chances are we'll sort them out. Maybe it's really an Windows issue. So far I'll (have to) stay on v5.