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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by hbphotoav ➡️
Understand that sales people do not necessarily have expertise in precisely the applications you may be researching... and that their job is to sell stuff.

That said, after completing my own research, when I've asked questions about the product(s) I'm wanting to purchase, my SW sales guy (for the past decade or so) has been helpful, courteous, and not pushy. Talking to a salesman is generally my final step of several.

Back when I was selling hifi gear retail in the late '70s, I liked chatting with customers so much that I was often reminded by my boss that it was the customer's job to do research, and my job to recommend products they could buy from our store that met their expressed wants and needs... and that my weekly stipend came from sales, not chat.

I don't think you asked too much... but I also think they were simply doing their jobs.

As an amateur photographer, I called B&H reps numerous times during the last 10 years, and no issues at all, and luckily had my rep who was also helpful, courteous, and not pushy. (He left couple years ago.)

I do believe that most of SW sales reps are "helpful, courteous, and not pushy". Just unlucky this time, I guess, as my call happened to be caught by someone at the wrong time. I should indicate that the impatient pushy rep was the 2nd SW rep I've talked with. The 1st rep, Taylor, was nice and helpful, but I did not have time to finish our conversation as I was within an intermission in my works. Two days later, I called SW again, and you know the rest.

(Please don't take me wrong. I don't work for B&H, nor mean to convince you that B&H is better than SW. Simply share my experience with you...)

I will adjust my "SOP": to make "Talking to a salesman" one of my final steps.