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Originally Posted by pianisticchef ➡️
... I wished I would've got more recommendations from hypothetically more experienced sales reps to narrow down the "range", and then I could move on to the "2nd step": give those products a try. I did not ask any of the reps to make a decision for me, but merely hope to learn from their knowledge/experience (just like what I did here in the forum). However, Sweetwater rep tried quite hard to convince me that all I need was one Zoom Q8 camcorder even though I explained a few times that video recording is not my main purpose, but audio recording is, and I do care the sound quality a lot. You do not think I asked too much from them, right?
Understand that sales people do not necessarily have expertise in precisely the applications you may be researching... and that their job is to sell stuff.

That said, after completing my own research, when I've asked questions about the product(s) I'm wanting to purchase, my SW sales guy (for the past decade or so) has been helpful, courteous, and not pushy. Talking to a salesman is generally my final step of several.

Back when I was selling hifi gear retail in the late '70s, I liked chatting with customers so much that I was often reminded by my boss that it was the customer's job to do research, and my job to recommend products they could buy from our store that met their expressed wants and needs... and that my weekly stipend came from sales, not chat.

I don't think you asked too much... but I also think they were simply doing their jobs.