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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by VillageOp ➡️
I'd recommend the sabra-som mic bar: simply replace the included hex bar with a longer one and you have your 1 meter bar. I got 4 cold rolled steel hex bars for something like $15.

If you can afford it, the Grace space bars are really worth it. Repeatability. Precision. Durability. And will cost as much as your mics.

Sennheiser hd650s are as close to a standard headphone for classical as we'll ever get. If you can, the Drop (formerly massdrop) hd6xx is the same thing for cheaper. The HD600s are great too; the hd660s are fine, but I prefer the others. These are all open back. If you need sound isolation you should look at closed back... And good luck to you. I have ultrasone 750s. I can work on them when necessary, and only use them when necessary.
Thanks for your input. I will give the headphone a try.

Where did you get "cold rolled steel hex bars"? In hardware store? Or I need to find blacksmith to make one for me?