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Originally Posted by ardis ➡️
Hey wondering if you can explain a bit more how this works for someone like me who is not very technical.... Would this be more for something with lots of mic positions or good overall. I've seen variable polarity tools, just not sure how to use them....
There are some details here (don't just watch the video, see the text and example below on this page): https://www.admiralbumblebee.com/mus...imize-polarity

It's handy for drums especially, which are typically recorded using multiple mics, which can introduce phase issues (signals can cancel each other out or you can get comb filtering, etc.). Mixbus's polarity optimization tool analyzes whatever area you select (e.g., a section of multiple drum tracks, each recorded with a different mic) and takes care of optimizing the polarity.

I don't record drums, but I do record live music with stereo pairs of mics where phase issues can creep in, so it has helped me with that. For example last year I recorded a fiddler playing in a living room with piano accompaniment; I used a spot mic on the fiddler and a pair of omni mics in A/B on the piano. I ran the polarity optimizer and it reversed the polarity on the fiddle mic, which helped (there was a lot of bleed from the piano, and a lot of bleed from the fiddle into the piano mics).