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Originally Posted by Gemylon ➡️
This is all old stuff, not really old, but certainly not the hottest !

New is not necessarily better.
Genius coders existed in the past too.

Metric Halo CS is indeed old, but still is the best channel strip out there. If you don't like the GUI close your eyes and use your ears.
Old doesn't seem to be a problem for Richard Furch, Serban Ghenea, Tony Maserati..
Many producers who rent a room where I work want MH CS.

Altiverb is old...still one of the best reverb today.

Abbey Road RS124 was one of the best compressor plug 10 years ago...if it hadn't been discontinued it'd probably be still one of the best today.

Even the venerable Waves L1 designed in 1994 (!) is still used today by some producers (CLA)

Old code used in 1980's digital hardware (Quantec QRS, Lexicon 480L, AMS RMX16) is still revered and copied/sampled today.

Lexicon 224's code was written in 1979...it's all over Kacey Musgraves last album.

Analog Hardware : Pultec EQ, V72 preamps, Neve 1073, Fairchild, vintage LA2A...are pretty old too. No new preamp, EQ, compressor/limiter beat them today.

When something sounds good..it sounds good.