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Originally Posted by psycho_monkey ➡️
That’s the thing - the idea of “copying music” is largely gone in the western world - why would you illegally copy something that’s already out there for free?

Can't help but think there is opportunity resultant of the above truth. There will be (if there isn't already) a whole generation of music consumers who have no experience pirating/file sharing music illegally, because they have never had to. My generation and older knows how to use torrents, pirate bay, etc. but kids born after 9/11 have grown up without ever having to use these methods to listen to the music they want to listen to. Now that almost all popular music is available free from streaming websites, I doubt many younger listeners have much experience with illegally obtaining music..

So if an artist puts out a record now and declines to make it available for free via Spotify or other streaming sources and instead only sells downloads directly from their own website, if any younger people want to listen to it, it seems it would be less of a hassle for the listener to just pay for it. If you really want to hear a song by an artist that isn't available for free anywhere, then wouldn't it be easier to just download the track for $1.50 from the artist's website than learn the archaic method of torrenting if you've never used file sharing software before? It seems like this could actually create opportunities for artists to sell their content directly.

50,000 downloads directly from your own website would net you more than 10s of millions of plays on Spotify anyway..

Is this naively optimistic?